Of Senior Menus, Creaky Joints and Bifocals

May 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

“Getting old is a state of mind” … hmm … not so sure about that. There are definite indications in the body and all around. Like that creaky feeling when you get up after sitting a while, or when you hear that your son-in-law needs bifocals, or when young vendors just assume you qualify for the senior discount, or when you get inappropriately excited about being added to Medicare.

Thanks to another “old” friend (who is younger than I am), I’m adding to the You Know You’re Old list.

Kenny Vickers, fisherman, fire department employee and Harley rider submitted his list yesterday.

“I Knew I Was Getting Old When:

  • I looked in the mirror and saw my father
  • My back went out and I had to stay home
  • The little old lady I helped across the street was my date
  • I bit into a juicy steak and one of my teeth stayed in it
  • I started gravitating to the senior menu
  • I think more about my future than my past
  • My grandson is faster on the iPad than I am
  • I reflect on life before the microwave
  • I remember paying .16 cents a gallon for gas
  • I realize most of my friends are as old as I thought my grandfather was.”

OK, the rest of you “oldsters,” what’s on your list?

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§ One Response to Of Senior Menus, Creaky Joints and Bifocals

  • Laura Baldwin says:

    That is so funny that you/he mentioned paying .16 cents for gas because I met a guy today at the car dealer and had a lovely conversation with him while we were waiting to have our cars fixed. He was telling me about being in the Navy and other times in his life. During the conversation the current gas prices came up and he told me that he remembers paying .16 cents for a gallon of gas.
    Once again I enjoyed your blog post.

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