It’s Not Just About Going Gray

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I started writing Grace to Gray my hope was to start a dialogue about aging. About accepting, not denying, the changes and realities of what comes along with getting older. And learning to deal with it. I’m interested in an examined life, a fulfilling life, not just mindlessly passing my days.

We’ve all seen people who deny their age: refuse to accept the senior discount in restaurants and on the ferries as if it were a personal affront to suggest they might be 65! They keep their age  a closely guarded secret and deny limitations. Who shop in Forever 21 as if that will somehow stop the aging process.

And others who use age as an excuse to give in to laziness. Who just plain give up, in essence saying, “I’m old. I can’t do that anymore.” Who buy matching recliners with cup holders and settle in to a permanent home in front of the TV.

I may have another thirty-five years on this planet … God only knows. Finding grace to live out my allotted days fully and meaningfully is the task at hand. Thirty-five years sounds like a long time. But, it will have an end. Haven’t gotten there yet, but I can see it from here.

I need grace. “Unmerited favor, approval, a virtue coming from God,” are some definitions of this many-faceted word.

A snatch of poetry that runs through my mind every new year is: “The open door of another year I’ve entered by grace divine.”

The open door of the winter of my seasons is before me and I’m peeking through it … looking around at its wondrous and brilliant landscapes … and seeing myself there.

By the grace of God.

Where in your life do you need  grace?

copyright 2011


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