Will the Real Old Person Please Stand Up?

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Will the REAL old person please stand up? If you can. Have you noticed it takes longer to accomplish that simple feat?

At what age is one considered old? It depends (snicker, snicker) on who is helping you across the street.

To a baby, my lines of character must make me seem ancient.

To a three year old, my ever-so-slightly wrinkled skin is a wonder to touch.

To a ten year old, I am someone who can no longer catch him in a race.

To my grown daughters–now incredibly in their forties!!!–my hard-to-recall words are suspect. They eye me suspiciously for yet another clue. “Yep, she’s starting to slip.”

But, I really don’t consider myself old as long as there are older friends next to me. So keep your friends close, and your older friends even closer. And if you wonder why I’m sidling up next to you, standing there innocently and checking my mirror surreptitiously, you’ll know you’re the one.

The real. The authentic. Old Person.

copyright 2011


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