Signs of the Times: Bison Skulls, Dairy Air and Rednecks

August 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

While traveling in Wyoming this summer I saw a sign in front of a log house: “Large Bison Skulls For Sale.” Aren’t all adult bison skulls large? I guess that means that they’re not offering baby bison skulls this season.

Yellowstone Buffalo with skulls intact

At the Cody, WY Fourth of July parade I spotted a young man, apparently from Wisconsin, wearing a brown (!!!!) t-shirt with the words “Smell the Dairy Air” prominently displayed. Just don’t try saying it fast many times in a row. (I warned you.)

I laughed when we arrived at the door of a Colorado Assembly of God for the Sunday service when I saw a sign saying, “No pets.” I guess I take it for granted that I’m to leave my dachshunds elsewhere when it’s time for church. Maybe others don’t take that for granted, hence the need for the sign.

Outside of Cody, WY we ran across a small establishment advertising, “Pizzeria Public Restroom.” Now, is the pizza served in the rest room? Or, will there be a great need for the rest room following the serving of the pizza?

In Ridgway, Colorado a sign proudly advertised “Oriental Chinese Restaurant.” Think about that one. Would there be a different kind of Chinese restaurant than Oriental?

Tired drivers are persona non grata in Utah where signs on I-70 warned, “No Fatigued Driving.” Oh-kaaay!

Or what about the Redneck Cafe at the Stinker Fuel Station, 13 miles east of Ontario, Idaho?

My favorite is the sign on a small cafe in Bear Creek, Montana: “World Famous Banana Cream Pie, Same Day Service.” Great! If you order a piece of pie you won’t have to come back the next day to get it.

It’s signs like these that kept us from fatigued driving.

ⓒ Inger Logelin 2011


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