I Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World

March 10, 2012 § 4 Comments

Among people my age the talk occasionally turns to bucket lists—those lists of things people want to accomplish before they die. The trouble is, when you have time or enough money to fulfill some long-held desires, you might be too tired to do them. It all starts to sound like too much trouble.

We live an ordinary life now, but, it hasn’t always been that way. I haven’t forgotten my patchwork years of living in far from ordinary places and the things I’m so grateful to have experienced.

Things I wouldn’t have missed for the world:

  • Things I’ve experienced with my friends … like the summer my girlfriends (Linda Bard before she was Linda Cockney, and Lois Violette) and I went swimming in the Canadian Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, NWT with ice chunks floating past. Well, it wasn’t exactly swimming, more like galumphing in with clothes on, throwing ourselves down, gasping, shrieking and stumbling out. Still, it could qualify for anyone’s bucket list!
  • Lying in bed under a down blanket in our wall tent on Clifton Point at Tzartus Island and, with the tent flaps tied back, looking north up the Alberni Inlet as fishing boats and freighters passed close to the rocky shore. The coffee pot burbled on the tiny wood stove, the morning awaited and all was contentment. I’ve seldom had less and enjoyed it more.
  • Sitting on a little three-legged stool on a steep dirt ridge looking out over the highlands of Northern Thailand’s Golden Triangle. A young Mien woman had pulled me by the arm and brought me to her home and then sat next to me patting my arm and calling me Elder Sister in her language. We communicated in smiles and rarely have I had such a satisfying conversation.
  • Hanging on for dear life in Greenland as a passenger on an open sled pulled by nine purebred Greenlandic sleddogs in fan formation. Happy, rhythmic trotting of the dogs, frozen landscape, cold seeping in through my parka, cold air in my face. Alive.
  •  Returning to the 200-year-old cabin above a fjord in Einkanger, Norway where I was born on a sunny summer Sunday. And finding my great-grandparents’ house in Vikanes preserved just as if they had just walked out.
  • Carving a Christian camp out of the wilderness with my husband, and hosting and connecting with a generation of Native Canadian children and teens, some whom I am still in contact with.
  • Sipping caffe blanc and relishing real French pastries on a sun-drenched mother and daughter jaunt to the south of France.
  • Not staying home. Not staying put. Not valuing steady work and income more than saying yes to opportunities God sent my way. And ticking off my bucket list along the way.

ⓒ Inger Logelin 2012


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§ 4 Responses to I Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World

  • Don Rosd says:

    Nice blog. I know that place. Just made my ferry resevations today for two weeks in August. Thanks for hundreds of awesome memories and a life long friendship.

  • Ted says:

    I miss Copper Island almost every day. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without having some rough areas polished through my times there. Inger, what I appreciate about you and Dave more every day is your ability to bring together a bizarre collection of people, love them, train them, and then allow them to use their God-given abilities to succeed and fail knowing they are loved and supported.

    • ingerlogelin says:

      I so appreciate your comment, Ted. The eclectic, enthusiastic, wild and crazy, creative people that were drawn together in that place–the Team–was the heart of it. It worked because you (and others) allowed yourself to love, to not take yourself too seriously, and to get up before breakfast to take a boy fishing. You were a sparkplug, a catalyst there who served as a bridge to the love of God in many young lives. Of course we miss it–the Kingdom in action.

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