Why Affordable Villa Vacation Articles Are Injurious to One’s Health

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I should never have subscribed to this magazine, it’s not good for my health. But, I fell for the old trade-your-measly-frequent-flier-miles for-magazine-subscriptions ploy. So, monthly, the revered Conde Nast Traveler shows up in my post office box. As I glance at vacation spots only the uber-riche will ever have a hope of enjoying, I can’t help but compare the “vacations” I’ve been on. Why are thou downcast, O my soul, I whimper.

A featured article in the April 2012 issue that touts “Affordable Villa Vacations (From Under $100 a Night)” gives me hope. Quickly turning to page 111 I find, gasp, not the $100 a night miracle, but a $19,070 a week villa in St. Barth. Why not start at the top? I say. (When, exactly, have I ever said that?) In the magazine’s advice on how to save money they suggest trying to negotiate. Like, who ever negotiates when they can afford $19k a week? Or maybe that’s how they can afford $19k a week.

I flip through fabulous offerings, dream rentals, and the insider’s Madrid, and flip right back into my own life. Where vacations usually mean camping. (Although there have been a couple of fabulous exceptions!)

I have this theory. If you started out camping on your honeymoon, you’ll still be camping when you’re retired. And here’s another one. If you can think of several friends who also started out by camping on their honeymoons, you know you’re hanging with the wrong friends. Not the ones who are going to offer you to join them for a week in their $19k vacation villas.Image

(To be continued)

© 2012 Inger Logelin


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